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Capital Campaigns

Friends of SUFAA Capital Campaigns Projects seek specifically to fund initiatives and objectives of the Southern University Football Program and Athletics department in lieu of state-supported or self-generated funds. All donations are tax-deductible and go toward those specific projects and initiatives. The following capital projects and initiatives have been launched by the Southern University Football Alumni Association(SUFAA) and Friends of SUFAA.


Pratice FieldThe Southern University Athletic Department is in desperate need of a new practice field and training facility. The current field has reached its capacity to support the various sports programs. With over 60+ years of use by the various sports programs (Football, Soccer, Track & Field), the marching band, normal wear and tear, and unforeseen weather conditions, the current field has reached its functional capacity. Current field conditions have contributed to numerous player injuries throughout the years which severely impacts the teams ability to build a winning program. The project costs approximately $750K and will provide outdoor practice fields (turf and grass), equipment and training room, 8-lane running track, privacy fence, and restrooms with public and private access. Show your support by donating today. Click on the image to learn more about this project.

600 Giving $100 CAMPAIGN

The Southern University Football Program is in dire need of technology to support the practice and game day preparation required by the coaching staff. Successful use of technology enables the program to maintain a competitive advantage similiar to peer FCS football programs. The proceeds for this campaign will be used to purchase hardware equipment and software allowing the coaching staff to use innovative, high-quality digital video-editing software to prepare the the team to compete at the highest level. Alumni and support organizations are asked to participate in this important endeavor. Click on the image for a current update of this project.

600 Giving $100

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Practice Field

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